The People's Jam

Apr. 5–Dec. 6, 2023
Days Vary, 7 p.m.
1300 SE Stark St #203
Portland, OR 97214

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Come On Down To The People’s Jam, Where Space Meets The Earth And Dreams Come True. 
A trio will play the first set. There is a signup sheet with 10 tunes picked out, as well as openings for songs of choice and originals. This is not just a jazz jam. Any genre, style and flavor are welcome — open floor plan with bistros with seating in the back. Please be respectful and wear a mask when not drinking, eating or playing a horn. There will be a PA set with two mics, Keys with amp, guitar amp, Bass with amp, Drums, and 2 DI boxes. Bring your sticks, instrument, instrument cable, or anything less than the keys and drums.