Joy (Comes) in the Mourning

This event has passed. Sorry you missed it!
Sept. 10–18, 2021
Portland Playhouse
602 NE Prescott St
Portland, OR 97211

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Giant balloon art installation
launches nine-day art experience
Joy (Comes) in the Mourning at Portland Playhouse 

"Portland’s Best Balloon Artist” Kameron Messmer will create a gigantic balloon art installation spelling “JOY”. His creation will jump-start a nine-day art experience exploring and celebrating the rituals of loss and grief through different mediums such as dialogue, song, dance, and music. This must-see event will be hosted by Portland Playhouse’s Community Program.

"This giant installation will spell out “JOY” with balloons, but the negative space will be empty. I want kids and families and strangers to come across this giant, colorful, unexpected symbol of joy and spread it to others online. My goal is for people to take pictures of themselves inside of the sculpture, literally bringing the sculpture to life with joy. Filling in the missing void with themselves and spreading it to others.”

-Kameron Messmer

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