The Tragedie of Romeo and Juliet Presented by Original Practice Shakespeare Festival

This event has passed. Sorry you missed it!
Saturday, Aug. 7, 2021
Luuwit View Park
NE 127th Avenue and Fremont Street Portland
OR 97230

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The Tragedie of Romeo and Juliet in 50 words or less:

The Capulets and Montagues hate one another. Romeo (Montague) sneaks into a Capulet party and meets Juliet (Capulet). They marry in secret. Juliet's cousin challenges Romeo. Romeo kills them and is banished. Juliet fakes death. Romeo doesn't realize, takes poison, and dies beside the "body." Juliet wakes and commits suicide by dagger.

OPS Fest is proud to bring admission-free Shakespeare back to the Portland Public Parks this year. The OPS Fest company of skilled, flexible actors will perform with occasional interruptions of songs, dances, and sketches throughout. Shows begin at 7pm and the audience is welcome to arrive during the hour before to watch the pregame dance & fight rehearsals. Children, picnics and leashed pups are always welcome.