Live at The Lot: Josiah Johnson

South Portland
This event has passed. Sorry you missed it!
Sunday, Aug. 22, 2021
Cost: $30-45 per person. All tickets sold as 2, 4 and 6-person seating pods. VIP seating pods available.
3121 S Moody Ave
Portland, OR 97239

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Live at The Lot: Josiah Johnson.

Johnson, a former and founding member of the Billboard-chart topping band The Head and the Heart brings the lush musical arrangements and harmonies of his debut solo album Every Feeling on a Loop to The Lot stage.

Like many musicians before him, Johnson turned to drugs to cope with the burnout and anxiety that came with his new life in the band The Head and the Heart. Too many long nights and too few emotional tools – twin flames that burned at both ends. He knew something was wrong, he knew his friends and family knew something was wrong, but from the outside, his life still looked pristine. In the midst of writing The Head and the Heart’s third album, Signs of Light, Johnson checked into a rehab facility. With time, though, came clarity. “I’ve learned to love my process,” Johnson says. “I’ve learned to love when I’ve taken the long way and where I get to admit mistakes. Humility and uncertainty are welcome. Being seen for who I am and where I’m at is my priority. And I am exactly where I am supposed to be. The result of that new courage bears out in how I’m able to be a better friend to the people I love. That’s the gift.”