The Lot with PDX Kids Film Festival presents the Best of the Festivals Short Films

South Portland
This event has passed. Sorry you missed it!
Sunday, Sept. 12, 2021
Cost: $20-25 per person. All tickets sold as 2, 4 and 6-person seating pods. VIP seating pods available. Kids 1 and under free.
3121 S Moody Ave
Portland, OR 97239

The following description was submitted by the event organizer.

The Lot with PDX Kids Film Festival presents a series of shorts – The Best of the Festivals Short Films. Join in on Tuesday, August 10 for nine amazing short films for kids, curated by the team at PDX Kids Film Festival. Gather the kids for an afternoon of fun, inspiring and clever short films in a spacious outdoor setting.

Total run time, 80 minutes.

The Portland Kids Film Festival is Portland's first international film festival for children and their families. The PDX Kids Film Fest has proudly screened over 100 beautiful and impactful animated, live-action and documentary films from all over the world.

Belly Flop (South Africa, Kelly Dillon 2018, 4 minutes 55 seconds) Belly Flop is a short film inspired by perseverance. This is the funny story of Penny, a fearless girl who tries to steal the scene from a talented diver.

Little Red Riding Hood (Czech Republic, Martina Holvoca, 2017, 5 minutes) A feisty feminist take on this classic fairy tale.

Cat Lake City (Germany, Antje Heyn, 2019, 7 minutes) A cat’s vacation goes wrong when a family of ducks get involved.

The Magic Of Chess (United States, Jenny Schweitzer Bell, 2019, 5 min) A documentary about the National Elementary Chess championship.

Overboard! (Filip Pošivač & Barbora Valecká, 2019, 12 min.) Kooky Chameleon and cross-eyed Kiwi won’t let a little judgment stop them from making it onto the rescue ark.

My Brother, Luca ( Carlos Algara & Catalina Serna, 2019, 9 min) When an imaginative little girl discovers that her brother might have superpowers, she sets out on a quest to make sure everyone else sees him as she does.

Wash Day (Jaida Salmon, 2019, 2 min) Join Zoey as she goes through her weekly grueling routine of washing and styling her hair.