Have You Had a Burger?

July 3–Aug. 1, 2021
Days vary, Times vary
Well Well Projects
8371 N Interstate ave #1

The following description was submitted by the event organizer.

Have you had a Burger? Showcases Korean artist Hyun Jung Jung’s latest body of work, consisting of kinetic, interactive, and performance art.

While creating pieces for this series, Hyun Jung reflected on the various mundane yet charged questions she has received throughout her years spent in the United States:

Have you had a burger? Can you paint my nails? Can you help me with my math homework? Have you been to North Korea? Do you have an English name?

In Korea, it is said that it is virtuous to respond with wisdom when asked foolish questions. Have You had a Burger? Is the artist’s response to questions that she was not able to answer in the past.


Upcoming Dates & Times

July 31
Aug. 1