NO SANCTUARY, Panteha Abareshi and Kayley Berezney

Dec. 17, 2020–Feb. 4, 2021
Days vary, 12:00pm–5:00pm
Fuller Rosen Gallery
1928 NW Lovejoy St.

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Fuller Rosen Gallery presents ​NO SANCTUARY​, a two-person show of new work by Panteha Abareshi and Kayley Berezney. Set against the backdrop of a global pandemic, ​NO SANCTUARY​ explores the intimate relationship each artist has with their own health.

Panteha Abareshi’s practice is rooted in her existence as a body with a genetic blood disorder that causes debilitating, chronic pain. In her video and performance work, Panteha uses her body as the subject to navigate treatment, isolation, and identity in a society that has labeled her ‘fragile’ or ‘unhealthy.’

In Kayley Berezney’s sculptural installation and paintings, she references the body at rest as objective material. Plaster and expandable foam create a visual language surrounding cancer and its treatment. Kayley will also release a gallery-exclusive publication as a supplement to her work in ​NO SANCTUARY​.

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