Portland Means Progress: Accountability in Racial Equity - Measuring Culture Change

Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2020

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How do we measure the success of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion actions? And how do we hold ourselves accountable? Results in equity initiatives will look different than typical metrics. How do we get beyond the number of hours spent in training to better understand how our workplace culture fits into our journey to become antiracist organizations? In this session, facilitated by Serilda Summers-McGee of Workplace Change, you can expect to:

  • Hear about Results Based Accountability, and how to apply this framework to your DEI work
  • Learn about employee culture surveys, and gain a better understanding of how to implement these in a meaningful way
  • Learn how to baseline & measure culture change; see examples in the Portland Means Progress Culture Change Roadmap
  • Communicate Diversity, Equity & Inclusion actions, metrics & findings to employees
  • Explore example Culture Change dashboards & start thinking through your own business’s measurements & dashboard

This session is one of a 4-part series hosted by Portland Means Progress that is free and open to the public. You can attend any one of these sessions or all of them. The other sessions in the series are:

October 26: Accountability in Action

November 16: Measuring Meaningful Work Experience

January 2021: Measuring Intentional Purchasing (registration and details coming soon)

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Dec. 8