Fake Radio Presents: "The Day The Earth Stood Still" with guest Kevin McDonald

This event has passed. Sorry you missed it!
Sunday, Mar. 29, 2020
Cost: $22
Vault Theater
350 E Main St
Hillsboro, OR 97123

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EVENT  CANCELED. Please visit the event website for current information.

"The Day The Earth Stood Still"

An alien named Klaatu lands his spacecraft on Earth just after the end of World War II. He brings an important message to the planet that he wishes to share with representatives of all nations. However, because communication is difficult due to Cold War fears, Klaatu is forced to try an alternative approach: he disguises himself as a common human on Earth. Then, after finding help from a few unlikely humans, Klaatu shocks the entire planet into finally listening to his important message about the future of humanity.

The film was so popular, that it was adapted for the radio and broadcast in 1954 as part of the wildly popular Lux Radio Theatre program. 66 years later, Fake Radio is thrilled to recreate that entire radio broadcast — commercials and all! — for live audiences in both Portland and Hillsboro.

Featuring top talent from Portland and Los Angeles, "Fake Radio" has been delighting audiences and critics alike with their unique recreations of classic radio shows from 1938 – 1958. Their shows transport audiences back in time to a live taping of an old-time radio show. The troupe performs in the same fashion popularized during the Golden Age: cast members dress in period clothing, standing before old microphones, scripts in hand, re-creating classic stories while all of the sound effects are perfectly synchronized. The troupe's well-known hallmark is expertly blending the original broadcast scripts — including the absurd commercials — with unexpected improvisation.

Our very special guest star is Kevin McDonald, best known for his many hysterical characters during his tenure in the legendary comedy troupe, “The Kids in the Hall”. Beginning as a stage show, the troupe had a popular TV series run from 1988-1995. Kevin portrayed the popular characters: the King of Empty Promises, Sir Simon Milligan, and Jerry Sizzler. Kevin’s appeared in the films Boy Meets Girl, Lilo & Stitch, and Epic Movie. On television, he’s appeared on “The Martin Short Show,” “Ellen,” “That '70s Show,” “Seinfeld,” “Friends,” “NewsRadio,”  “MADtv,” and “Arrested Development.” His voice can be heard in many animated series including “Invader Zim,” “The Angry Beavers,” and “Catscratch.” He’s appeared in the music video for "Roses" by Outkast, and made an appearance in “Tim and Eric's Awesome Show.