Around the Narrative Lens

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Feb. 29–Mar. 25, 2020
Times vary
Ford Gallery
2505 SE 11th Ave

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In the contemporary world, we tend to live and breathe narrative. The connective tissue of the Story has threaded into much of our cultural consumption. Whether we are digesting the news of the day, taking in the entertainment media, or sharing anecdotes with loved ones, we’ve learned to mimic the narrative arc perpetuated in our histories and our fictions, as we learn and re-tell.

This collection of artists serves as a cross-section of creative production that activates our intuitive sense of narrative as a means to engage with their work. Often snapshots, and at times borrowing from the tools of abstraction, these pieces empower the viewer to consider questions pertaining to the information left off the canvas as a means of connecting with the artwork itself. At times creating art speaking to social questions, personally lived experience, or the captured moments of a photograph, the selected works of these artists deploy the viewer’s narrative faculty in accessing and finding dialogue with the piece.

Featuring works by:

Marie Conner
Kyle Lee
Hector Ornelas
Tatyana Ostapenko
Mami Takahashi

Guest Curator: Cass Gray

Opening Reception
February 29th, 6-9 PM

With a performance by Marie Conner at 7 PM
Music provided by BHOLT in Ford Food & Drink