BeerQuest Haunted Pub Tour

Sept. 23–Dec. 31, 2022
Days vary
Cost: $39
112 SW 2nd Ave
Portland, OR 97204

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On this spine-tingling walking tour, you’ll uncover Portland’s dark side. In the early 1900s, unsuspecting sailors were often ruthlessly abducted and whisked away through the notorious Shanghai Tunnels. Be entertained by stories of how notorious criminals kidnapped thousands of people and why their ghosts still haunt Portland today. 

One hundred years ago, Portland was home to many less savory establishments – opium dens, brothels, and underground speakeasies. These criminal enterprises soon became the largest opium and alcohol smuggling operations in the US. Where these gangsters went, death and destruction followed. You’ll hear stories of unsolved murders, cover-ups and unexplained paranormal activity.

All tours include Beer. On Friday and Saturday tours, guests taste six beer samples (5 ounces each) from  Kells Irish Restaurant + Brewing and Old Town Pizza + Brewing. Thursdays and Sunday Tours include two full beers from Dan and Louis and The Pine Street Taproom. Pub stops may change based on bar availability on the day of the tour.

The tour guides are local historians and ghost hunters who enjoy sharing their passion with you and love hearing an audible gasp and seeing your eyes light up at the end of a spooky tale. 

The tour is rated “mildly” spooky and is a 50:50 mix of history and hauntings. 

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