BeerQuest Haunted Pub Tour

Southwest Portland
July 9–Dec. 24, 2021
Days vary
Cost: $45
112 SW 2nd Ave
Portland, OR 97204

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Uncover Portland’s dark side on this spine-tingling walking tour and hear firsthand accounts of paranormal encounters – all while sampling six local beers.

The Old Town District in downtown Portland, Oregon is lined with beautiful historic buildings and cobblestone streets. Lively with restaurants and nightlife today, 100 years ago Old Town was home to many of Portland’s less savory characters – gangsters, murderers, prostitutes and opium fiends. BeerQuest's expert tour guides regale you with stores about these criminals and the ghosts they’ve left behind.

In the 1800s, locals steered clear of Portland’s Old Town District as it was notoriously dangerous and a hotbed for kidnapping. Unknowing sailors were said to have been ruthlessly abducted and whisked away through an underground labyrinth known as the Shanghai Tunnels.

This tour includes an exclusive 20-minute visit underground into one of Portland’s original Shanghai Tunnels. Please note you will encounter dirt/mud floors and a dark, enclosed space during this brief underground experience. This eerie tunnel system has been featured on the TV show Ghost Adventures and is known as one of Portland’s most haunted places.

The Haunted Pub Tour is roughly 2.5 hours including stops at three historical pubs and seven beer samples. The walking portion of the tour covers less than one mile and is all above-ground. This tour is rated as “mildly spooky.” 

Advanced tickets required. Private tours are also available. 

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