Editor's Pick
Feb. 19–Mar. 15, 2020
Days vary
Cost: $25-$36
Portland Playhouse
602 N.E. Prescott St.
Portland, Oregon

"In this 2017 drama by Dominique Morisseau, a MacArthur “genius grant” winner best-known for her play “Skeleton Crew,” the title refers not a conduit for oil but the so-called  “school-to-prison pipeline” — educational policies that criminalize minor infractions and disproportionately punish students of color. Addressing the topic through the story of an inner-city teacher who sends her son to a private school but still finds herself fighting for his future, Morisseau creates what Variety has called “an emotionally harrowing, ethically ambiguous drama that raises barbed questions about class, race, parental duty, and the state of American education." – Oregon Arts Watch

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