Oil and Cold Wax - Fine Art Demonstration

This event has passed. Sorry you missed it!
Thursday, Dec. 12, 2019
Oregon Society of Artists
2185 S.W. Park Place
Portland, Oregon 97205

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Lisa Mann, abstract landscape artist, will be working with cold wax paste and oil – a very unique, organic and intuitive process. Cold wax medium is a paste of beeswax and a small amount of solvent. It has a soft, butter-like consistency. By adding the cold wax paste to oil paints, Lisa works in layers to add textures, line and form. The wax allows for some transparency of the colors and for the different layers to show through, adding depth to the painting.  Like a story being written-layer upon layer, a painting is created and then scraped back to reveal pieces of its past.

Lisa Mann is an abstract landscape painter working with oil and cold wax medium. As a counselor, an educator, a mom, a traveler and an artist, it has always been the creative expressions in these endeavors that have continued to draw her into a more inspired life. Her art is a reflection of collected landscapes-of her experiences living, travelling and working overseas. Lisa has studied art in both the U.S.and Europe, and her work is an expression of a feeling of a place, that comes through in her colors and gestures.