The Underpants

Nov. 15–16, 2019
Twilight Theater Company
7515 N. Brandon Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97217

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By Steve Martin. Directed by Bob Martin.

The renowned comic actor and author of Picasso at the Lapine Agile provides a wild satire adapted from the classic German play about Louise and Theo Markes, a couple whose conservative existence is shattered when Louise's bloomers fall down in public. Though she pulls them up quickly, he thinks the incident will cost him his job as a government clerk. Louise's momentary display does not result in the feared scandal but it does attract two infatuated men, each of whom wants to rent the spare room in the Markes' home. Oblivious of their amorous objectives, Theo splits the room between them, happy to collect rent from both the foppish poet and the whiny hypochondriac.

Produced in association with Samuel French.

(This is part of Twilight's Readers Theater series.)

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