To Bear Witness – Extraordinary Lives

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Northwest Portland
Oct. 8, 2020–Jan. 31, 2021
Days vary
Cost: Adults: $8, Students/Seniors (62+): $5, 12 and Under: Free

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To Bear Witness – Extraordinary Lives will capture, share and preserve the stories of 10 to 12 people from varied backgrounds who left their homelands for safe haven in the United States. Although these refugees had survival on their minds when they first arrived, they jump-started their lives with remarkable determination, finding their way in an alien culture without close family members who could guide and support them.

Born in places as far-flung as Bosnia, Iraq, Rwanda, Japan, Sudan, Cambodia, Syria and Central and Eastern Europe, these men and women witnessed the horrors of war, genocide, famine or the Holocaust and built new lives in Oregon. Their stories as civil rights activists, feminists, engineers, homemakers and educators reflect the changing expectations, opportunities and challenges of newly arrived refugees. OJMCHE will be working in partnership with The Immigrant Story and photographer Jim Lommasson.

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