Underhill Haunted House

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This is a recurring event and we're showing the details from its most recent past occurrence. We'll update this page with future event info as soon as we get it. Please check back!
Sept. 30–Oct. 31, 2023
Days Vary, Times vary
Cost: Cost Varies
300 N Ramsay Wy
Portland, OR 97227

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Visit the Trio of Terror:

The Salvage Yard – From the outside, it seems like an abandoned salvage yard, but once inside, you will find it is very much in operation, and they are salvaging more than cars. Why oh why did you decide to visit on a full moon? 

Terror Ship – The ship has crashed on a hostile alien world. The hull is breached, and there is nothing to stop the creatures outside from coming to visit…and hunt… you and the crew. 

Underhill Manor – A mysterious stranger seeking shelter has infected the staff and guests with the worst sort of bug…vampirism. Will Madam Underhill and her Caretaker be taken over, or will they survive a house full of vampires? 

Finally, for little ones under the age of 12 (and those of all ages that are a little Haunted House-phobic), presenting Kids Monster Fest, an immersive matinee experience because haunted houses are so less scary in the daylight. Kids Monster Fest will give you chills and a few scares in a wholesome, kid and family-friendly environment. Also, as the only Halloween event targeted to families with children (and you adult scaredy cats), Kids Monster Fest is the only Halloween event in the Portland downtown metro area. With lots of parking and a short commute to keep you from driving up to an hour to Hillsboro, Salem or Sauvie’s Island for a corn maze or kid-oriented attraction, Kids Monster Fest is a perfect option. You can leave Kids Monster Fest refreshed, a bit scared and a whole lot of excited about Halloween. Kids Monster Fest is scheduled for three matinees October 21-22, 28, from 12 – 3 p.m. This event is now timed in hour blocks and has limited walk-up sales. Due to its popularity, buying your tickets in advance is strongly advised so you don’t miss out on this fun event.