Sexology! The Musical

Editor's Pick
Jan. 31–Feb. 8, 2020
Days vary, 10:00pm
Cost: $10-$15
Prism House
5515 SE Foster Rd. Portland
OR 97203

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Part of Portland's annual Fertile Ground festival, Sexology: The Musical cracks open the tyranny of societal expectations when it comes to love, sex, and relationship. A powerful and funny story about the journey from monogamy to polyamory (complete with show tunes), Melanie Moseley's solo show explores new pathways to intimacy.

Through courageous and authentic storytelling, a wide spectrum of relationship options is revealed, and what it means to create your own chosen family. From the agony of jealousy to the joy of true compersion, audiences have the opportunity to peak inside a triad, and hear a firsthand account of love without limits. Previous incarnations of Sexology have won "Best in Show" at the 2019 Boulder International Fringe Festival and "Patron's Choice" at the PortFringe Festival.

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