Celebration of the Chrysanthemum

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Nov. 1–30, 2023
Cost: $11 - $14
239 NW Everett St
Portland, OR 97209

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Step aside, pumpkins — it's chrysanthemum season. 
In November, Lan Su celebrates the beauty of chrysanthemums and their cultural significance in perfect harmony with the traditional Chinese Double Ninth Festival. These exquisite flowers hold a rich and storied history in Chinese culture, symbolizing traits such as longevity, nobility, and endurance.

Enjoy a series of horticultural programs centered around chrysanthemums, paying tribute to their illustrious heritage. This includes the return of our enchanting nighttime floral designer showcase, "Nights of the Golden Flower." You can also partake in enlightening plant walks and witness insightful cultivation demonstrations designed to deepen your appreciation for this cherished bloom and its profound role in Chinese heritage.