O-Tsukimi Moon Viewing Festival

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Sept. 28–30, 2023
Daily, 6 p.m. – 9 p.m.
Cost: $50 - $65
611 SW Kingston Ave
Portland, OR 97205

The following description was submitted by the event organizer.

Moonviewing, or O-Tsukimi in Japanese, is the custom of gazing at the full moon and enjoying its sacred beauty. Portland Japanese Garden schedules this beloved annual tradition to coincide with the harvest moon from September to early October. During Moonviewing, people gather to appreciate the moon’s beauty and pray for good fortune and an abundant harvest. At this festival, one of the most beloved at the Garden, guests anticipate the moonrise with tea and an opportunity to compose haiku as shakuhachi and koto music wafts through the air.

Start the evening with an intimate and peaceful stroll through the lantern-lit garden. Take in authentic Japanese music. Catch up with friends, old and new. Enjoy a cup of tea as you watch the harvest moon rise above the city. There is no better place in Portland to share the romance and mystery of the full moon than from the eastern overlook of the Portland Japanese Garden Pavilion.

In celebration of Moonviewing, the raked gravel in the Flat Garden is designed in a special, once-a-year checkerboard raking pattern; the alternating squares of white river gravel cast shadows in the moonlight. 

Please note that three separate evenings are available for Moonviewing this year.