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Prefer two wheels to four? You've come to the right place.

  • Bike maps & where to ride Find your way around with these resources and recommended rides. Hop on »
  • Biketown bike-share A new bike-share system makes it easier to see the city on two wheels. Hit the road »
  • Photo by Jonathan Maus
    Cycling events Portlanders take every opportunity to celebrate biking. Join the fun »

What gives Portland the right to claim the handle of Bike City, U.S.A.? Well, it could be the 315 miles of bikeways, or the nation’s highest percentage of bike commuters (7%), or the city’s preponderance of bike-themed events.

  • Biketown bike-share in Portland

    Portland's new bike-share program, Biketown, brings 1,000 smart bicycles to the central city.

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  • Five cyclists enjoying a bike tour in downtown Portland.

    Bike tours & rentals

    Portland has more than 300 miles (483 km) of bike lanes, paths and low-traffic streets designated as "bike boulevards," making cycling one of the best ways to see the city.

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  • Bicycle maps & where to ride

    With bike lanes and paths all over town — not to mention cool forests and striking scenery — the city is pretty much a cyclist’s oyster.

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  • Bike safety tips

    Portland loves bikes, but it's still important to be armed with knowledge and cycle safely.

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  • Photo by Jonathan Maus

    Cycling events

    Bike-loving Portlanders have come up with all sorts of rides and events that fill the calendar with two-wheeled shenanigans.

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  • Bridges of Portland

    The Willamette River, which divides the city into east and west sides, features a dozen distinct crossings that hint at the city’s eclectic personality.

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  • A group of revelers pedal a 15-seat craft to beloved local beer havens with a BrewCycle tour.

    Bike and beer events

    Pump up those tires and get ready to pair Portland’s two greatest passions: brews and bikes. As America’s best beer town and most cycle-friendly city, Portland makes it easy to ride and imbibe.

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  • Portland’s World Naked Bike Ride

    Every June, thousands of cyclists cruise commando through Portland streets as part of the World Naked Bike Ride, a global protest against oil dependency.

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  • Riding in the Rain

    There's a lot of rain happening in Portland from November to March, but don't let that stop you! This zine offers great advice for staying dry (and safe!) as you bike around the city.

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  • Donutocalypse donut coloring book

    This apocalyptic coloring book lists some of Portland's best donuts, as well as art supply stores and bike rentals (for working off those extra calories).

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