Craft beer in Portland

Portland is home to more breweries than any other city on earth. No wonder we call it “Beervana.”

  • Oregon Brewers Festival
    Oregon Brewers Festival Every July, the city's biggest beer fest brings 80 craft brewers to the waterfront. Drink up »
  • Portland IPA guide: The city’s essential India Pale Ales
    IPA Guide Discover five essential India Pale Ales, arguably the most iconic of Portland’s many beer styles. Hop to it »
  • Portland brewer Lee Hedgmon defies stereotypes about beer and race
    Not your average brewer Inventive Portland brewer Lee Hedgmon defies the stereotypes about race and gender in brewing. Meet Lee »
  • Beer tours By foot, bike or bus, local experts are ready to guide you through the epic Portland beer scene. Find your tour »
  • Portland brew 'n' view theaters
    Brew ’n’ view This is Portland: Of course you can have local craft beer while you watch a movie! Catch a flick »

Craft beer lovers, look no further — in Portland, you’ll find over 75 breweries, scads of beer fests, brew ‘n’ view movie theaters and tap lists galore.

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