Vegan guide to Portland

Dozens of all-vegan businesses make the city a heaven for herbivores.

Black Water BarEnjoy vegan burgers, sandwiches and snacks at Black Water Bar.
Molly Woodstock

The Rose City routinely ranks among the best destinations worldwide for veggie travelers just ask CNN or PETA. Many of the city’s eateries, including dive bars, brunch spots and even Voodoo Doughnut (notorious for its bacon maple bar), offer plant-based options, making dining out a cinch for vegans.

Don’t want to settle for limited options? Nearly 40 local spots feature offerings that are 100% vegan. Whether you’re hankering for pastries, pizza or sushi — or shopping for cruelty-free fashion — these all-vegan spots have you covered.

Stylish dining

For a once-in-a-lifetime eating experience, reserve a spot for the nightly nine-to-12-course tasting menu at Farm Spirit, where farm-to-fork plates might include braised artichoke, sweet and sour squash, herb-crusted filbert cheese or lemon-spruce vegan meringue with berry sorbet.

For more of a brunch dish, the pumpkin cinnamon rolls at Blossoming Lotus are legendary — these gooey treats pack the heft of a small gourd. (Other popular plates at this globetrotting eatery include live nachos, bibimbap and Thai salads.)

Everyday snacks & eats

Portland Bowl at Canteen

Portland Bowl at Canteen

Ikea-chic Canteen offers addictive whole-food dishes like walnut taco salad, maca-banana-almond butter smoothies and hearty quinoa bowls topped with maple tempeh and hazelnuts.

Raw foodies must try Pixie Retreat, purveyors of crave-worthy “bakn’ cheez burger” collard wraps and decadent desserts oozing with caramel, almond butter and rich vanilla cream. The business now has three locations: two full-service cafes in the Pearl District and Mississippi Avenue and their “Laboratorie & Makery” in Portland’s Central Eastside. Check out Pixie Retreat’s website for more information.)

Dairy-free folk flock to Vtopia Cheese Shop and Deli for gooey melts and platters loaded with nut-based cheddars and bries. Bend-based Next Level Burger reimagines classic diner chow with six types of juicy patties, hot dogs, chili cheese fries and creamy milkshakes. 


Happy Hour at the Sudra

Happy hour at the Sudra

Believe it or not, many of Portland’s best plant-based eats double as drinking snacks. Vegans love sister bars Bye and Bye and Sweet Hereafter for their tasty tofu bowls, and even carnivores crave their signature subs stuffed with meatballs and buffalo soy curls. Indian-inspired The Sudra serves some of the city’s healthiest (and tastiest) bar food, including cruciferous pakora, chickenless tikka masala and kale-infused dosas. For classic greasy goodness, feast on faux mozzarella sticks and bacon cheeseburgers at punk music venue Black Water Bar.


Gluten-free vegans get twice their share of sweets in Portland — Back to Eden Bakery and Petunia’s Pies & Pastries both run gluten- and animal-free kitchens. Each location sports savory lunch menus and dreamy ice cream sundaes as well as plenty of cupcakes, cookies and doughnuts. Vegan Sweetpea Baking Company also offers a terrific savory lunch menu — think hot seitan-stacked sandwiches and cheesy bacon croissants — in addition to an extensive list of pastries and baked goods.

Food carts

In Northeast Portland, Mississippi Marketplace houses one of the world’s most famous plant-based food carts: Homegrown Smoker Vegan BBQ satisfies comfort food cravings with smoked tempeh rib platters, mock pulled-pork sandwiches and even mac-and-cheese burritos. Next door, Native Bowl loads rice bowls with garlic tofu and “fire-breathing dragon” sauce.

One-stop shop

Pressed for time? You’ll only need an hour to explore the world’s first vegan mini-mall, located in Southeast Portland, across the street from Revolution Hall. Score coconut caramels, dairy-free cheddar kettle chips and other unique snacks at Food Fight! Grocery, cruelty-free tees and accessories at Herbivore Clothing or sweet treats at Sweetpea without ever leaving the block. Those wishing to memorialize the moment can even get a guaranteed vegan tattoo at Scapegoat Tattoo!


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