Portland toy stores

Kids and adults alike will have a blast at these fun-filled Portland toy stores.

_74a1450Vintage toys spill from every available surface at Billy Galaxy.
Ashley Anderson

Portland toy stores are filled with vintage treasures, indie board games and handcrafted puzzles, as well as more traditional finds. Delight the children (and children-at-heart) in your life with this guide to our favorite independent toy shops.

Spielwerk Toys

Located on bustling N. Williams Avenue, cozy Spielwerk Toys is emblematic of Portland’s artisan spirit. Specializing in toys that encourage imaginative play, the shop stocks local and European-made products, including many wooden toys and puzzles. Be sure to chat with the friendly and knowledgeable staff while the kids entertain themselves in a charming play area.

Finnegan’s Toys

We’ve all been told to prioritize quality over quantity, but at Finnegan’s Toys, shoppers don’t have to choose. The downtown Portland shop stocks thousands of items, from Star Wars Legos to retro tin toys and alpaca hand puppets. Find an age-appropriate Portland souvenir in the Oregon-made section; complimentary gift-wrapping will make sure your gift is delivered in style. (Pro tip: If you spend $20, Finnegan’s will even cover your Smart Park validation.)

Billy Galaxy

Take a nostalgic trip down memory lane at Billy Galaxy, Portland’s dream destination for vintage toy collectors since 1995. Build your classic comic collection with ease, and uncover all the hard-to-find 1980s He-Man action figurines, Pac-Man cereal boxes and Super Mario Bros. coloring books that you were sorely missing. While the shop boasts a robust eBay presence, visitors to the brick-and-mortar location enjoy a larger inventory and better prices.

Cloud Cap Games

Sellwood’s Cloud Cap Games invites folks of all ages and interests into the world of tabletop games. Serious and budding gamers will find new favorite board games, card games and puzzles in the spacious shop, which feels more like a home than a store. Try out your picks in their cozy game room or partake in a community gaming night.

Oodles 4 Kids

Another Sellwood staple, Oodles 4 Kids joined the neighborhood in 2012 and has been warmly received by locals and visitors alike. A bright space known for its lively community events, the store stocks a variety of products that cater to kids of all ages, including a bountiful assortment of scientific and educational games, at all price points.

Child’s Play

Rediscover the feeling of pure joy that toys can bring at Child’s Play, a beloved Alphabet District toy store dedicated to helping children learn through play. Alongside giant stuffed animals and pint-sized sporting equipment, you’ll find educational games in niche fields like archaeology and music composition.

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