Portland costume shops

These local stores carry everything you need to get into character for Halloween (or any time of year).

_74a6259Hit up Hollywood Vintage for the perfect Halloween costume.
Ashley Anderson

Dressing up in Portland isn’t limited to one season. Whether you’re attending a Halloween party, mermaid parade, superhero run or Renaissance fair, these eccentric Portland costume shops have you covered.

Hollywood Vintage

Don’t let the name fool you; Hollywood Vintage carries so much more than classic wingtips and poodle skirts. In this giant warehouse, it doesn’t matter if you want be Sailor Moon or Superman, Jessica Rabbit or an alien cowboy from Planet Disco — chances are good that you’ll find what you need. Racks of fur coats mingle with old prom dresses, worn denim, kimonos, clown pants, sequined gowns and classic Portland plaid. It’s a choose-your-own-adventure experience, and you’ll walk away with a wicked costume and some fun new duds for everyday wear.

Lippmann Co.

Costume depot/party-supply warehouse Lippmann Co. has everything you need for a haunted house, luau … or even a haunted luau. They stock a colorful supply of professional theater makeup, masks and realistic accessories. Get ready to take your undead zombie pirate to the next level with a tricorn hat and fluffy shoulder parrot!

Metro Boutique

Leather and lace await your inner party monster at Metro Boutique. Featuring goth, steampunk and more risqué festival attire, this place mixes fierce and flirty like a well-rounded cocktail. Fun character ensembles mingle with corsets and stockings, while fancy footwear and costume contact lenses add intrigue to any outfit.


Whether you’re going for stunning realism or Daenerys Targaryen cosplay, Wigland has the wigs, extensions and hairpieces you need. Their beautiful items from top designers promise a polished, I-can’t-believe-that’s-not-your-real-hair look.


Goodwill compiles a warehouse of Halloween donations throughout the year and unleashes them every fall across its nine Portland locations. Spookily large selections are available at the city’s two largest stores: The Northwest Portland location is a treasure chest of higher-end garments, while the Northeast Broadway Goodwill is stocked with funkier finds. Whichever location you choose, Goodwill is often the best place to find an inexpensive outfit for a bash, a full kid’s costume complete with accessories, or that one missing piece to make your costume shine. If you’re stumped, the “Bootique” offers tips on turning basic pieces into a Catwoman, ninja or punk-rocker look. For an economical and authentically Portland experience, visit the Goodwill Outlet (aka “The Bins”), where everything is sold by the pound.

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