Portland Beer Week

This 10-day “week” in June makes every day taste like the weekend.

Gigantic Brewing TaproomA tasting event at Gigantic Brewing's taproom and lounge.

This annual citywide event returns June 7–16, 2019, spotlighting Portland’s high-quality brews and vibrant beer culture.

In Beervana, suds are celebrated every waking and drinking hour — but Portland’s PDX Beer Week takes that adoration for beer to the next level. Every June, Portland Beer Week brings limited-edition brews, a lineup full of events and specials at bars and brewpubs citywide. Returning June 7–16, 2019, this festival overflows with so much hop fever that the “week” spills into 9 days of thirst-quenching fun.

Special events like pairings, brewer’s dinners, seminars, neighborhood pub crawls, tap takeovers and much more keep the beer and the fun flowing every year. Portland restaurants even get in on the PDX Beer Week celebration, often offering special beer-inflected products at local eateries. (In light of all those suds, it’s probably smart to spread the week over 10 days, after all.)

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PDX Beer Week

June 7–16, 2019

Various locations

Portland Beer Week is 10 days of fun, educational and eye- and palate-opening eating and drinking events in the greatest beer city on earth. More than…

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