Biketown bike-share in Portland

A new bike-share system makes it even easier to see the city on two wheels.

Biketown_05Biketown makes it easy to find, reserve, park and ride around Portland.
Charles Chesnut

Getting around Portland like a local is much easier as of July 19, 2016, thanks to a new bike-share program known as Biketown.

Biketown’s 1,000 bright orange, eight-speed bicycles are equipped with integrated baskets, front and rear lights and reflective paint jobs. They also carry communications, payment and locking technology, making them easy to find, reserve, park and ride throughout the central city.

For a small fee (an average of $2.50 for 30 minutes of use), riders can check out bikes at one of 20 kiosks or via the Biketown website or free smartphone app. When you’re done riding, you can park the bike at any public bike rack in the service area, or return it to one of the system’s 100 stations and receive a credit. (After a first warning, improperly securing a bike will result in a $5 fee.)

Kiosk locations include Pioneer Courthouse Square, Nike, Jamison Square, Oregon Convention Center, the Nike Factory Store and McMenamins Bagdad Theater.

The Biketown program, funded by local shoe and sportswear giant Nike, is managed by Motivate, which operates many of the world’s largest bike-share systems, including those in the Bay Area, New York, Chicago, Toronto and Melbourne.

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Adaptive Biketown

Biketown has partnered with local bike rental company Kerr Bikes to create Adaptive Biketown, a program dedicated to increasing access to bicycles for those with disabilities. Rental options include hand-powered bikes, foot-powered bikes and multi-user bikes. The program also offers accessory rentals like calf support pedals, special grips and self-balancing pedals.

Renting a bike is as simple as visiting the Adaptive Biketown website, selecting your bicycle or accessory and entering the date and time for your rental. Bicycles can then be picked up at Kerr Bikes in Southeast Portland from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday through Sunday. (If you need to rent a bike outside of those hours, special requests are considered.)

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