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Portland Near Me Now is Travel Portland’s in-the-moment discovery tool that connects visitors with nearby, handpicked locations and events. This map-based tool answers the question, “What’s awesome and near me now?”

Near Me Now is available in Apple’s App Store, at Google Play for Android, and online at

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are some businesses included in Near Me Now and not others?

Travel Portland’s content team intentionally limits the points of interest included in Near Me Now to provide visitors with an accessible, welcoming experience. Near Me Now is curated, rather than comprehensive, by design. Instead of overwhelming visitors with everything that is possible in the city, we provide a thoughtful selection of some of the city’s best offerings.

Some of the factors we use to select locations to list in Near Me Now include:
  • relevance to visitors;
  • “Portlandiness” (what can’t be found anywhere else);
  • ownership by and relevance to people of color and other marginalized populations;
  • walk-in friendliness;
  • density of recommended points on the map; and
  • balance of new and classic points.

Will the featured businesses change over time?

Yes, Travel Portland’s content team reviews and updates the points of interest in Near Me Now on an ongoing basis.

How do I suggest additions to Near Me Now?

You can email requests to for consideration. Our content team reviews requests on an ongoing basis using the criteria listed above.

If you operate a food cart, please follow the steps for food cart owners to ensure you appear in Near Me Now and our Food Cart Finder.

Make Sure Your Business Shows Up on Google Maps

No matter how popular Near Me Now becomes (and we have high hopes!), it will never have anywhere near as many users as Google. That’s why Travel Portland partners with Locl to help visitor-facing businesses in Portland optimize their Google listings. To ensure that visitors find your business, please sign up for our free Google Maps program.

Why are hotels not on Near Me Now?

The app is designed to provide immediate inspiration to in-town visitors, suggesting activities and destinations. Our website ( is our planning resource for prospective visitors and contains information about lodging and hotels in Portland.

Why are tours not on Near Me Now?

The app is a geographically based exploration tool that features locations that visitors can walk into as they traverse the city. Tours, with their various start points and timing and reservation requirements, aren’t a fit for Near Me Now. We highlight tours on

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