Partner testimonials

“From rallying its extensive network of partner organizations within the tourism and business community to overseeing a media strategy that has helped place Portland firmly on the map, Travel Portland … has worked tirelessly in shaping our city into one of the country’s most interesting and talked-about destinations. In my decade of collaborating with city tourism entities around the country, I’ve never encountered an organization that better represents the core business objectives of its city and its key tourism stakeholders while not losing sight of the vision and leadership it takes to stand out from the pack. Travel Portland gets it.”

– Mike Thelin, Feast Portland

“Travel Portland, our longstanding partner and co-founder of the Jazz Festival, has provided necessary marketing funds to enhance exposure throughout the western region and beyond. Their understanding and support of the downtown hospitality sector has played a vital role in connecting PDX Jazz to this facet of the Portland business community.”

– Don Lucoff, Portland Jazz Festival

“I’ve worked in the Portland hospitality industry for 18 years, and Travel Portland has been an integral partner in my success. I’ve had several different jobs within the industry and all of them have benefitted from the outreach and support of the Travel Portland family. … Elephants Catering & Events has seen tremendous growth over the last six years, and we can directly attribute that success to our partnership with Travel Portland. Travel Portland has showcased and presented our business visitors and locals alike. Tourism gives all of us in the service industry an opportunity to shine; we want people from all over the world talking about how awesome we are. Awesomeness equals dollars!”

– Donna Deering, vice president, Elephants Catering & Events

“As an Oregon company with roots in the Portland area dating back to 1936, Danner is proud to partner with Travel Portland and share the many wonders of our region with those who come to visit for business or for fun.”

– Laurie Thomas, director of marketing, Danner Boots

“Joining Travel Portland has probably been the single most important decision I’ve made as a small business owner. I credit their support of my business through referrals, the Visitor Information Center, networking meetings and Brown Bag Lunches for a major part of the success my business has seen in the past two years. Thank you, Travel Portland for everything you do!”

– Lora Woodruff, Third Wave Coffee Tours

“Tourism is important to Portland and the Latino community in particular. Many Latinos work in tourism-related businesses such as restaurants and hotels that serve tourists and construction firms that build and remodel hotels. We appreciate Travel Portland’s efforts to promote tourism nationally and internationally and to advocate for public resources to support this important industry that creates jobs and contributes to local economic vitality.”

– Gale Castillo, president, Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber

“Travel Portland is great at introducing visitors to the services offered by our small business. Portland is a fun place to visit, at least in part, because of our creative small business community imagining products and services that aren’t available anywhere else in the country. We’re thrilled to be a part of this community and so happy to share it with our city’s visitors, thanks to the forum offered by Travel Portland.”

– Jessica Johnson and Timothy Bartling, Red Radish Catering

“Through Travel Portland’s granting programs and as a Travel Portland business partner, PICA has been able to directly connect with the incredibly diverse and growing population of visitors traveling to Portland seeking out distinct and meaningful cultural experiences.”

– Noelle Stiles and Victoria Frey, Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (PICA)

“Since opening Coastal Mountain Sport Haus in 2009 Travel Portland has been there for us. They recognized our unique travel experience concept and secured high-profile print and electronic media outlets that directly led to bookings and other media opportunities. We consider Travel Portland an extension of our marketing team and we know we would not be where we are today without their media contacts and support. We LOVE Travel Portland!”

– Glen and Sandy Crinklaw, Coastal Mountain Sport Haus

“Business is about being connected. [Travel Portland events] are the perfect venue for B2B networking in an extremely relaxed social environment. For SMG they have produced meetings and business with clients I would not have otherwise met. You can’t be a solution if people don’t know who you are.”

– Michael Stewart, Stewart Marketing

“Travel Portland has been absolutely instrumental in introducing my company to international travel industry organizations, including overseas-based tour operators, receptive operators, travel agencies, and travel writers. Without Travel Portland’s support, I certainly would not have been able to make such valuable industry connections.”

– Red Gillen, Slabtown Language Works

“The Pearl District has grown from a neighborhood of industrial warehouses to one of the more prestigious places to live in Portland. This vitality and growth has also made “The Pearl” a premier destination for out-of-town visitors. The majority of our online traffic comes from new visitors looking for restaurant, shopping and hotel recommendations. And we wouldn’t get nearly the traffic we do without the efforts of Travel Portland in promoting Portland to the rest of the country as a city to experience and explore!”

– Carolyn Ciolkosz, The Pearl District Association

“We have partnered with Travel Portland since before we opened our store. It has been a great way to get new people in our doors. With so many visitors to Portland and new people moving here every day, this is a prime market for us to get in touch with.”

– Jordan Sunshine, Evo

“Working with Travel Portland has been a great opportunity for us. Their commitment to supporting and cultivating the Portland brand is evident in so much of what they do; it’s wonderful to have a partner that promotes and celebrates our community’s small businesses. A large part of my brewery’s success comes from the firsthand experiences so many visitors to Portland take back with them to their hometowns, whether in another state or another country. Having the Travel Portland team in my corner has helped Base Camp become a destination for inbound visitors, and a familiar name in the international craft beer scene.”

– Joseph Dallas, marketing director/co-founder, Base Camp Brewing Company

“We are thrilled with Travel Portland and the exposure they bring to our great city. We are part of their brilliant Portland is Happening Now campaign and … the exposure we have received from Travel Portland helped grow our business tremendously in 2014. Portland is an amazing destination and to have an ambassador like Travel Portland bringing people to our great state is priceless.”

– Laura Reeder, general manager/managing partner, Salty’s on the Columbia

We’ve loved our experience working with Travel Portland. It’s often one of our top referrals to our website. The work Travel Portland does to promote not just our business, but our neighborhood, has been great for us: We’ve had reporters sent our way and seen articles published around the globe. As a downtown business we rely heavily on tourism. We’ve seen a big increase in the number of tourists through our door and they are excited about Portland. Travel Portland does a wonderful job of getting tourists excited about Portland. They have a delightful and dedicated staff working hard to spread the word and not only get tourists to the city, but to give them insight into the city. As a small business owner, I’ve always really appreciated the support they give the little guys, too. They seem fully aware that part of what makes Portland attractive is its uniqueness, and what makes Portland unique is its diversity of businesses.

– Celestial Sipes, Radish Underground

“Travel Portland helps builds the bridge between our restaurant and out-of-town guests … and helps to maintain our exposure [as a tourist attraction]. We love our partnership, networking opportunities and referral programs.”

– Alyssa Dodge, private dining manager, Portland City Grill

“Portland is a terrific city. For years, many people throughout the United States and the world didn’t know Portland. Those days are behind us. Portland is becoming known [world-round] because of the innovative work of Travel Portland and Portland’s travel and tourism businesses. As a result, hotels are booming, restaurants, breweries, wineries are multiplying and business is growing. LANE has been fortunate to reap the benefits of that growth.”

– Wendy Lane Stevens, president, LANE PR

“The affect [tourism] has on any individual life here in Portland is huge. As the owner of a multi-state and -city publication, I am always proud to partner with my local tourism bureau.  Travel Portland has provided me a way to connect with others in the hospitality industry, high-visibility placement for my publications and ongoing valuable information needed to run a successful business. Thank you, Travel Portland!”

– Jason A. Staats, president, Where To Eat Guide & Associates

“Travel Portland has been instrumental in helping open up new business avenues and partnerships both internationally and domestically. Working with Travel Portland to build awareness of our unique replica coastal steamer river cruises is a key part of our marketing strategy.”

– Tim Jacox, president and COO, Un-Cruise Adventures

“My company is a land operator in coordinating arrangements for visitors from Japan. We work with specialists in many fields depending on what our clients look for in Oregon. Our tour groups visit to learn about Portland’s urban development, hipster cafés, medical research … the list goes on. It takes a flexible mind and support from specialists to [meet these groups’ needs]. The most valuable benefit that any business partner can expect would be the power of networking. Travel Portland and Travel Oregon provide the connection to help people like me connect with businesses in Portland. Since each business offers different services and pricing, it makes perfect sense to work as a team.”

– Rie Nakata, owner, KANEMASU LLC

“Partnering with Travel Portland has given our locally owned company the opportunity to cater our food to persons traveling in and out of Portland … and educate other cultures from other parts of the world on the importance of living sustainably and eating locally and organically. Thank you, Travel Portland, for helping us change the world, one meal at a time!”

– Josh Cunningham, Artemis Foods

“Years ago, before I was a partner with Travel Portland, I volunteered to help with some of their fun activities like the golf tournament and trade show, not really thinking about the impact it could have on my life. Then in 1997 as I opened my destination management and registration companies, I found my connection with Travel Portland also brought in business. First it mainly was from conferences coming to town but as I became more established and introduced myself to hotels and other businesses, I was convinced that this partnership was a little gold mine for me. I still have great fun helping out with Travel Portland. [It is] a boost to the business, I get to meet wonderful partners in the hospitality industry and if people do not know about Travel Portland, I feel my role is to let them know what Travel Portland does for our community, state and businesses.”

– Carolyn B. Wence, CMP, CGMP, Plans & Action and Plans & Action Registration Services

“Travel Portland has helped Barbier International by acting as a conduit between the international tourism industry and our agency. We have interpreted and translated for many international tourism events as a result of this connection. For a linguistics agency, the tourism industry is naturally complimentary [as we] help each other reach [our] industry goals.”

– Melissa Meyer, president, Barbier International, Inc.

“Travel Portland has connected me to the industry on a meaningful level. Not only do I know what’s going on right now in the city, I also know my fellow partners through Travel Portland events. Because of Travel Portland, my tour has a portal on the first page of every search. This leads guests directly to my door, and they know they’re dealing with an established professional. Curious, engaged guests from any location are my entire focus. Tourism to Portland means more of this ideal market for me to interact with. It also means more opportunities to introduce our amazing city to the world. Without tourism, we wouldn’t exist.”

– Marina Martinez, Ground Kontrol Arcade Tours