Google Maps Deep Dive

Google Maps Deep Dive

Marketing Workshop Series

Tuesday, Oct. 15: 1–2 p.m.
Travel Portland Hawthorne Bridge Conference Room
100 S.W. Main St., 11th floor
Portland | Map it
Cost to attend:

  • Insiders: $35
  • Attractors, Captivators, Hotels & Sponsors: free

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Join us for a deep dive into the Google Maps platform. Eric Lesperance, co-founder of Locl, will take you through different functionalities within Google Maps, including posts, photos and amenities. He’ll also share insights for various business sectors, such as retail; culinary and beverage; hotels and tour operators; and even services without traditional brick and mortar spaces.

  • Learn how to get visitors’ attention by leveraging new Google features to grow your business with a content strategy on Google Maps.
  • Better understand your top performing channels to gain insight into customer data and take action on those insights to drive results.
  • Find out how publishing your events, products and services directly to Google Search and Maps can win customers in the moment.
  • Learn how to break out your Google Maps traffic from organic traffic in Google analytics.