Content Equity at Travel Portland

Travel Portland’s content brings our organizational vision to life by centering equity, diversity and inclusion.

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At Travel Portland, our content (meaning written, photographic and video posted on our website and social media platforms and distributed via other channels) is produced by a team of three staff members and many vendors, agencies and independent contractors. We developed the aim statement and values that follow to guide our collective work.

Content Equity Aim Statement

Travel Portland’s content helps visitors go beyond recreation and into reflection. Through our content, travelers better understand the city’s complex and diverse histories, politics, movements and cultures while enjoying and supporting its vibrant and resilient communities.

Equity Values for Travel Portland Content

These represent the shared beliefs that ground content staff and producers. Some values draw from Travel Portland’s organizational values.

Always Learning and Accountable

We stay accountable to our values by constantly educating ourselves and applying those learnings to our relationships and content. 

Diversity of Stories, Perspectives and Voices

Portland shares myriad experiences and cultural backgrounds, and so does our content and the people who make it. 


We seek and incorporate feedback from creators, evaluate published content via an advisory board, and encourage creators to help steer our editorial strategy. 


We care deeply about the multifaceted communities we represent in our marketing and as such strive to cultivate a genuinely welcoming atmosphere in Portland. 


We believe it’s our responsibility to create equitably compensated opportunities within our community as we carry out our mission of generating travel demand through content.