Portland’s coziest fireplaces and fire pits

Snuggle up next to a roaring hearth at these beloved bars and restaurants.

dougfir-01Catch an indie band concert, then warm up by the roaring fire pit at Doug Fir Lounge.
Akshay Sarma via Flickr

Portland is known for its mild weather, but if you’re feeling chilly, there are all sorts of welcoming places to warm up. Take off your coat and relax next to one of our favorite fireplaces in Portland.

The Fireside

Any list of Portland hearths must begin with The Fireside. This aptly named restaurant boasts not one, but two large fireplaces. Cozy up to the circular fire pit in the back dining room or a second fire in the bar area. As the flames dance, you can imagine you’re camping — the dessert menu even features “fireside s’mores” and “campfire espresso.”

Doug Fir Lounge

Music venue Doug Fir Lounge evokes a futuristic log cabin, complete with a wood-lined indoor fireplace and outdoor fire pit. Catch a show by a band of up-and-coming indie rockers, or warm up from the inside out with a cocktail. The “Fire Down Below” is made with house-infused jalapeño/habanero vodka, passion fruit and lime with a Thai pepper garnish.

Kennedy School

Built as an elementary school in 1915, McMenamins Kennedy School now features a restaurant, brewery, soaking pool and movie theater. The snug Detention Bar (once a janitor’s closet) houses an antique potbellied stove fueled by firewood stacked under the benches.

Heathman Hotel

The Tea Court Lounge at The Heathman Hotel, known for lavish Russian tea services, also boasts a splendid marbled fireplace. Curl up on a pillowed bench or cushy chair with a rum-spiked cocktail or a cup of Lord Bergamot tea.

Ringside Steakhouse

Founded in 1944, Ringside Steakhouse remains one of Portland’s oldest and classiest restaurants. Once you’ve snagged a table next to the floor-to-ceiling brick fireplace, ask your tuxedo-ed server for a glass of pinot noir from the 10,000-bottle wine cellar. Add an order of onion rings, and you’ll never want to leave.

Old Town Brewing Co.

With its impressive woodpiles, wrought-iron chandeliers and two-store story fireplace, Old Town Brewing has a distinct ski-lodge feel. Relax into a rustic wooden booth, order a barbecue chicken pizza and Shanghai’d IPA, and you’ll be toasty in no time.


Don’t let chilly weather stop you from experiencing Portland’s famous food cart scene. One of the city’s favorite pods keeps patrons warm all year with the help of space heaters and roaring fire pits. Visit the legendary Cartopia on Southeast Hawthorne for poutine, crepes, wood-fired pizza and gourmet PB&Js.

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