Near the Oregon Convention Center

Discover all there is to eat, drink and experience just minutes from the OCC.

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Many of Portland’s favorite destinations and neighborhoods are within 12 minutes of the Oregon Convention Center (OCC) by foot, train (MAX Light Rail or Portland Streetcar) or car.


Explore these neighborhoods near the Oregon Convention Center.

By Foot

Within a short stroll, you can reach the restaurants and bars and more in Lloyd and the Central Eastside.

MAX Light Rail

Portland's efficient light rail system connects the metro area and downtown core. Learn how to ride and where to go on MAX.

By Train

A quick ride on the Portland Streetcar or MAX Light Rail will take you deeper into the Central Eastside, or across the river to the attractions and shops of Old Town Chinatown and Downtown.


These favorite Portland attractions are a short distance from the OCC.

By Car

Hail a ride-share or taxi, and you can reach the Pearl District, Division/Clinton and many other Northwest, North, Northeast and Southeast Portland neighborhoods.


Public transit, bike lanes and pedestrian-friendly streets make it easy to get around Portland.

Portland Streetcar

The City of Roses built the nation’s first modern-day streetcar in 2001: the sleek and modern Portland Streetcar.

Biketown Bike-Share in Portland

Introduced in 2016, Portland’s bike-share program brings 1,000 smart bicycles to the central city.

Bus Service

The TriMet bus system, which covers the city and its suburbs, offers low fares, friendly drivers and full wheelchair accessibility.