The Lay of the Land

Where’s the convention center? How do delegates get from the airport to their hotels? Get the answers you need to determine if Portland will work for your meeting.

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The map below provides a quick look at how Portland is laid out. Yes, there’s a river between the convention center and downtown. No, that’s not a problem.

Colorful "lay of the land" map of Portland.

MAX Makes it Easy

Portland’s MAX Light Rail system connects Portland International Airport (PDX), the Oregon Convention Center (OCC) and the downtown hotel core — making it easy for your delegates to get where they need to go.

What About That River?

Yes, the OCC is directly across the Willamette River from downtown Portland. Locals don’t see the river as a barrier; it’s just a slice of nature in the middle of the city — and it takes mere minutes to cross.

New Headquarter Hotel Now Open

The 600-room Hyatt Regency, opened in December 2019, offers planners a committable block of 500 rooms right across the street from the Oregon Convention Center.

Where Will They Stay?

Portland’s 600-room convention center headquarter hotel is slated to open in February 2020. If you need more rooms (or if you meet here before 2020), Travel Portland’s expert housing services team will work with local hotels to ensure that your delegates get the best lodging available.

Get More Answers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to the most common questions we hear from planners.

Housing Services

Travel Portland’s housing services team saves you money and time.

Maps and Transit

Whether by light rail, streetcar, bike or ride-share — it’s easy for delegates to get around in Portland.