Portland zine guides

These guides cover Portland’s quirks, history, favorite food and can’t-miss experiences.


Travel Portland’s zine guides let you explore the city’s shops, restaurants, bars and events through the eyes of local artists.

Zines are historically self-published booklets usually produced in small batches on a low budget. Our celebration of the medium honors Portland’s history as a leader in zine publishing and allows visitors to explore the city’s shops, restaurants, bars and events through the eyes of local artists.

The zines were available at select locations in Seattle, Vancouver, Bend and Eugene from November 2015–January 2016. In January and February 2016, pop-up newsstands in Seattle and Vancouver housed a rotating line-up of zines from the collection.

The zines and their creators

The 12 Most Interesting People in Portland

Boaz Frankel

Boaz Frankel, host of The Pedal Powered Talk Show, has met a lot of interesting people in Portland. Meet 12 of his favorites, including 85-year-old female impersonator Walter Cole (aka Darcelle), Sofia Von Trapp, Brian Kidd (aka The Unipiper) and more.

Together, Boaz Frankel and Brooke Barker are co-authors of the It’s Different Every Day Calendar. They’re also both copywriters in Portland, Oregon. Separately, Boaz is host of The Pedal Powered Talk Show, (America’s only talk show built into a bicycle), which is now in its fifth season. Brooke is the creator of Sad Animal Facts, the popular Instagram account and soon-to-be-published book.

34 Things to Do in the Rain

Cassandra Frances

Don’t hide inside just because it’s raining! Make like a local and explore some of the best Portland events from November to March.

Cassandra Frances is an illustrator and designer who lives and works in Portland. When she isn’t drawing or pushing pixels you can find her in the woods, wishing her cats could hike.

About Last Night

Ian Shaine Edwards and Lloyd Eugene Winter IV

Ever wake up after a night of venue-hopping and having one hell of a good time to wonder “Where was I last night?” This zine takes you through the best of the Portland music scene in one unforgettable night.

SHLOYD is the creative brain-trust of Ian Shaine Edwards and Lloyd Eugene Winter IV, both based out of Portland, Oregon. Shaine is a writer, illustrator, cat enthusiast and comic book nerd. Lloyd is an illustrator, designer, father and occasional goat herder. 

Black Portlands

Intisar Abioto

Intisar Abioto began photographing The Black Portlanders, an ongoing photo essay, blog and cross-modal arts adventure, in 2013. In this striking and beautifully photographed zine, Abioto interviews a few of the innumerable Black Portlanders who constitute the movers, shakers and culture-makers of Bridge City.

Intisar Abioto (b. 1986) is an adventurer, dancer, photographer and writer. In 2013, she began photographing The Black Portlanders, an ongoing photo essay, blog and a cross-modal arts adventure which images people of African descent in Portland, Oregon. Find her at intisarabioto.com and theblackportlanders.com.

Coffee Ring Worlds

By Danica Borgese, Eddye Borgese and Zoe Keller

Black as the devil, hot as hell, pure as an angel, sweet as love. – Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord

Zoe Keller is a Portland-based illustrator and designer exploring the intersection of art making, activisitm and the natural sciences. See her work at zoekeller.com. Danica and Eddye Borgese love coffee. They spent the last decade or so drinking it up and down the East Coast (where they’re from) and have consumed a record amount since moving to Portland in 2013.


Trevor Bittinger

If you’ve got a sweet tooth and a healthy appetite for apocalyptic coloring books, then “Donutocalypse” is the zine for you. Discover some of Portland’s best donuts alongside a list of bike rentals (for working off those extra calories).

Trevor Bittinger runs a business with his wife making soy wax candles, all natural soaps and beard oils (which can be found at www.woolybeastdesigns.com). Trevor has shown work in galleries in New York City, Vancouver and Colorado. He continues to work with wood, paper, ink and metal. More of his work can be seen at www.krop.com/trevorbittinger.

A Feminist’s Guide to Beer Drinking

Lucy Burningham

GRRL, let’s brew. Meet some of the Portland ladies who are smashing the patriarchy’s oligopoly on the craft beer scene and learn how you can join them. Includes a map of the women-owned beer businesses in Portland.

Lucy Burningham writes about food, travel and craft beer. She is a Certified Cicerone and author of Hop in the Saddle and My Beer Year. Her website is lucyburningham.com.

For Skaters By Skaters

James Heredia

Portland has been dubbed one of the nation’s most “skate friendly” cities, and it’s only getting better. Check out this zine if you plan to hit the pavement in Portland anytime soon.

James Heredia is a designer/animator from Bolivia. Outside of work he is an avid skateboarder and photo documentarian.

Get Out

Brittany Powell

This zine will have you living on the edge … of Portland, at least. Portland is divided into five quadrants that offer delicious meals, tax-free shopping, one-of-a-kind bars and much more off the beaten path.

Brittany Powell is an Oregon native who gave up horse training, personal assisting, and handing out samples of natural kitty litter to cut things out of paper, embroider SkyMall products into quilts and make paintings of strangers’ cell phone photos. See her work at brittanypowell.com and lowcommitmentprojects.com.

Hey, Portland

Patrick Long

Portland is split down the center by the Willamette River. It’s like the city is reflected into a mirror and both sides are awesome. Take a look!

Patrick Long lives and works in Portland. He likes to draw fashion figures, sports stars, the under-appreciated and the awkwardly beautiful. He is also the creative director of a bag manufacturing company in Portland called Chester Wallace. See his work at patricklong.net.

Maker Zine

By Deirdre Mahon

Portland is the epicenter of DIY culture. Local designers and artists spend their days crafting everything from handmade bags, apothecaries and stationary to furniture, jewelry and kombucha. Whether you live here or you’re just visiting, you can always find a great one-of-a-kind gift, souvenir or even DIY kit to take home and try for yourself. In this zine, we’ve collected insider tips from some of the best DIY-ers in town.

Deirdre Mahon is a Portland based designer.

Max-imum Portland

Brooke Barker

Did you know there’s a special train in Portland that you can step on and be magically transported to amazing sites around town? It’s called the MAX and this choose-your-own-adventure zine is here to tell you all about it.

Brooke Barker lives in Portland and writes sad facts about animals on the website sadanimalfacts.com.

Octicorn’s Guide to Portland

Kevin Diller and Justin J. Lowe

Octicorn is a half-octopus, half-unicorn, half-confused creature from Portland who knows what it’s like to not fit in. This storybook guide follows Octi as he explores his favorite places to see Portland sights, get ice cream, NOT get tattoos and more.

Long ago and far away — well, Los Angeles, actually — Kevin Diller started out as a screenwriter and playwright before becoming a producer. Fatherhood brought him back to writing, and he now happily works on children’s books from his home here in Portland where he lives with his wife and two kids.

Justin J. Lowe is an artist and filmaker who somehow entered adulthood with his childlike imagination entirely intact. Justin was raised on a steady diet of Dr. Seuss, Jim Henson and apple juice, which he’s pretty sure helped pave the way for his collaboration with Kevin Diller on “Hello, My Name is Octicorn”, the funny, odd and charming story of an Octicorn trying to find his place in the world.

People’s History of Portland

Know Your City

Before Portland was known for Portlandia, bikes and brews, the foundations of the city were built by immigrant laborers. This zine introduces Portland’s immigrant and working class heroes, celebrating our city’s social activists and movements.

This zine was inspired by Know Your City’s A People’s History of Portland walking tour, created in part by Dr. Reiko Hillyer, with contributions from Sarah Mirk, Marc Moscato and Amanda Tillstrom. Illustrations are by Kate Bingaman-Burt and edited by Amanda Tillstrom. Visit www.knowyourcity.org.

P is for Portland

Michael Buchino

Explore the L-M-N-O-Ps of Portland with this illustrated abecedarian. Each letter corresponds to a Portland site that’s fun for both kids and adults. By the end, you’ll be wishing the alphabet had more than 26 letters.

Michael Buchino created his school’s logo at age 10. He has since produced several more logos, designed dozens of book covers and art directed and illustrated scores of theater posters. This is his first zine. He lives in Portland with a bike and a pencil.

Portland BEERbook

Aja Gabel

Portland is home base for all kinds of breweries, from old school brewmasters to popular ale houses to freshman aficionados. It got us thinking: if Portland is where beer goes to school, we never want to graduate. This zine is your guide to the most interesting kids on campus.

Aja Gabel is a writer living in Portland, Oregon. Aja has published short stories and essays and is at work on a novel in which beer also makes a meaningful cameo. Visit www.ajagabel.com. Leo Zarosinski is an Illustrator in Portland, Oregon. He will draw on anything for inspiration, but mostly he uses paper. Find his work at www.leozarosinski.com.

Portland in Poems

Adam Peterson

In the winter, Portland is a poem. Seven local poets write about their favorite winter destinations in this beautifully illustrated, accordion-style zine.

Adam Peterson is the author of The Flasher, My Untimely Death and, with Laura Eve Engel, [SPOILER ALERT]. Visit www.adampeterson.net. Cassandra Frances is an illustrator and designer who lives and works in Portland.

Portland People: A User Guide to Life and Style

Mari Joe, Allison Berg and Grace Rivera

Which Portland fashion archetype are you? This zine explores the city’s different takes on fashion and shows where to shop (tax-free!) to find the looks. The characters aren’t real, but the fashion is.

Mari Joe is a fashion-obsessed art producer, stylist and designer who lives in Portland with her fiancé, two cats and a dog that resembles Wile E. Coyote. Follow her on Twitter at @mari_joe.

Allison Berg is a Portland native with an affinity for design, fashion, art and food. Specializing in illustration and hand-crafted design, she is inspired by nature, old films and vintage ephemera. Find her at cargocollective.com/allisonberg.

Grace Rivera is a photographer, videographer and art producer living in Portland. Her main sources of nutrition are eggs and cold brew. One of her proudest academic achievements was winning 3rd place in the 4th grade science fair. Follow her at www.graceerivera.com.

Portland Pizza Guide

Sam Larson

If you’re such a pizza aficionado that you’ve dreamed of a custom-illustrated, by-the-slice pocket guide, this zine is for you. Discover some of Portland’s hidden pizza gems and read about what makes each pizzeria unique.

Sam Larson is a Portland-based freelance artist and designer. He is the owner of Steel Bison and makes artwork heavily inspired by the great American West. Find him at samlarsonart.com.

Riding in the Rain

Ira Ryan and Matt Hall

There’s a lot of rain happening in Portland from November to March, but don’t let that stop you! This zine offers great advice for staying dry (and safe!) as you bike around the city.

Ira Ryan is a cyclist and frame builder who prefers long rides, kittens, a little gravel, classic racing, good coffee, photography, red wine and bicycle touring. Find him at iraryancycles.com.

Matt Hall lives in North Portland where he can be found riding his bicycle, drawing trees and waving at neighborhood cats. Find him at matthallartpdx.com

Roadside Attractions in Portland

Danielle Delph

If you’re driving around Northeast Portland, it’s hard to miss the 25-foot-long loaf of sliced enriched white bread that tops Franz Bakery. Portland is home to a number of large roadside attractions, including a giant electrical plug, pint of beer, carrot, rubber ducky and more. See them in their large-format glory in this oversized zine.

The XXL objects of Portland are photographed and well loved by local Art Director Danielle Delph. She’s constantly on the hunt documenting new oversized roadside attractions. You can find more XXL discoveries by searching on Instagram with the hashtag #PDXXL.

Stand Here and Look Up

Delaney Allen

Even in the winter months, striking colors set Portland’s skies afire. In “Stand Here and Look Up,” photographer Delaney Allen takes you to the best places to see spectacular views.

Delaney Allen is a photographer based in Portland. His photographs have been shown nationally and internationally, most notably at Foam Museum in Amsterdam. See more of his photos at delaneyallen.com.

Sleepwalker’s Guide to Portland

Nick Stokes and Becca Wadlinger

It’s nighttime in Portland and while most folks are snoozing, one ambulatory dreamer is snacking and boozing…

The Sleepwalker’s Guide to Portland is brought to you by illustrator Nick Stokes and poet Becca Wadlinger. Nick often dreams about being pants-less among his peers and not graduating high school. Becca dreams about forgetting to clean the goldfish tank in her childhood bedroom.

Snacks in the Park

Moe Bowstern

Welcome to “Snacks in the Park,” where Moe Bowstern invites you to have a seat on a park bench, enjoy a snack and engage in conversation with some of the most interesting people in Portland.

Moe Bowstern started working with zines in 1992 when she published a story in the late great Mudflap zine out of San Francisco. In 1996, Moe published issue #1 of Xtra Tuf, a zine chronicling her adventures as a deckhand in the Alaskan commercial fishing industry. Moe’s zine Xtra Tuf #5: The Strike Issue won the 2007 Lilla Jewel Award.

Temperate Rainforest

Elizabeth Stone Brown

From tiki bars to island eateries, “Temperate Rainforest” is the guide for living the tropical lifestyle in Portland all year long.

Elizabeth Stone Brown is a vacation-planning, martini-drinking designer who likes to produce and direct. Find her at elizabethstonebrown.com.

Tiny Bars

Nate Nowinowski

Are you you ready to cozy up with a few friends? Is your apartment so small it doesn’t have a living room and you’re looking for a surrogate? Learn the Tao of the small bar and take a tiny tour of Portland’s best places to eat, drink and be merry that are the size of a shoe box.

Nate Nowinowski is an art director who likes to drink in the company of others. But not too many others. 

Unsung Food Trucks

Tyler Brewington and Kelly Schirmann

When two roads diverge, do you choose the one that leads to the food truck? Follow two Portland poets as they discover the best meals off the beaten path.

Tyler Brewington is the author of Dear Stray Volcano (alice blue, 2013) and the co-author of Boyfriend Mountain (Poor Claudia, 2014). Originally from Boise, Idaho, he’s now in Portland and @bylertrewington in all of the places. Kelly Schirmann is a poet, musician and visual artist from Northern California. She lives in Portland, Oregon and at kellyschirmann.com.

Urban Explores

Rachel Petrovich

Portland is the ultimate enchanted forest loosely disguised as a city. This zine highlights just a handful of the wild areas you can find right in the city, plus some nearby local attractions.

Rachel Petrovich is an illustrator working out of the boggy Pacific Northwest. On any given weekend you can find her mucking in the woods, drawing slugs and fungi, behind her muddy Westies and rumpus-ing sons. Her website is r-petrovich.tumblr.com.

Vietnamese Portland

Christine Dong

Portland’s the place to find pho, bahn mi and com tam — you just need to know where to look. In this zine, Oregon native Christine Dong takes you to the best restaurants, supermarkets and Vietnamese culture that Portland has to offer.

Fueled by ‘90s R&B and noodle soups, Christine Dong is a photographer and an amateur basketball player living in Portland. She is an Oregon native with a strange obsession for Great Danes and rom coms. Find her at christinedong.com.

Vintage Portland Stories

Angela Sanders and Meredith Hamm

“Vintage Portland Stories” blends a whimsical, hand-illustrated map with the story of three generations of the fictional Wallace family. Over seven decades, the Wallaces travel the city to find love, celebrate milestones, face disappointment and ultimately triumph. Join them on their journey.

Meredith Hamm is an artist, toy/playscape designer and art professor, and is responsible for the zine’s illustrations. Find her at www.meredithhamm.com. Angela M. Sanders is author of the Portland-based Joanna Hayworth Vintage Clothing mysteries, including The Lanvin Murders, a No. 1 Kindle bestseller. Find her at www.angelamsanders.com.

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