Portland is the perfect destination for travelers wanting to experience the best the Northwest has to offer. The following sample itineraries offer ideas of what there is to do in the Portland area. For more detailed information, please contact us.

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Essential Gardens

The city of Portland and its region is home to an unrivaled number of gardens and green spaces. Even in the heart of downtown, you’re sure to see more green than gray as you invariably stumble across grassy oases.

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Portland Rose Festival

For more than a hundred years, the Grand Floral Parade has helped define the Portland Rose Festival as one of the world’s great celebrations. This itinerary lets you plan a day, weekend or week delighting in the sights, sounds and activities of the Rose Festival.

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Naturally Speaking

The Portland area is home to an unrivaled number of open spaces (37,000 acres, to be exact). This itinerary offers visitors a breath of fresh air, and plenty of chances to stretch their legs and spot native wildlife.

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Portland is the beer capital of the world, with 32 breweries in the city limits — 38 if you consider the entire metro area. That’s more than any other city on Earth. From large to mid-size breweries to smaller, unique producers, Portland is sure to have a brew that will make your mouth hoppy.

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The Best of the City

Portland is compact, but it packs a punch, with lots of great attractions, shops and restaurants clustered in and around the central city. Stroll from the world’s largest independent bookstore to a classical Chinese garden, and stop to smell the roses — and do a little tax-free shopping — along the way.

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