Travel Portland Launches “Go Somewhere Different” Campaign

2 min read

Intent to travel to Portland is on the rise, according to the latest research from MMGY Global: 31% of adults in the West are “extremely or very likely” to visit Portland in the next 24 months, up from 26% in December 2018. At Travel Portland, we’re working hard to convert this intent into visitation — and economic impact — via our winter advertising campaign, “Go Somewhere Different.”

The November–March campaign targets travelers in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Eugene and Bend with a dynamic mix of tactics, including:

  • highlighting timely, compelling reasons to visit Portland via digital content partnerships, including Thrillist’s holiday shopping guide and Atlas Obscura’s deep dives on Portland’s unique food carts, attractions,  museums,  boutiques and gardens;
  • targeting travelers in our feeder markets — and those customers who are exploring Portland’s competitors — via winter-long partnerships with Expedia and Priceline;
  • placing eye-catching and colorful out-of-home advertisements in key location throughout Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles;
  • airing irreverent and fun TV spots (including a 30-second anthem inviting visitors to meet Portland and 15-second videos tempting viewers to drink all the beer, shop for all the tax-free treasures, slurp up all the tastes and Portland has to offer and to get outside to be surrounded by giants) in our target markets during the Grammys, Oscars, Super Bowl and more, as well as online;
  • leveraging scroll-stopping, 6-second online videos as video pre-rolls and on social media to highlight additional niche-interest things to do in Portland this winter; and
  • investing in ongoing earned media relations, paid social media and Google AdWords.

“Go Somewhere Different is our attempt to stand out as a destination in the sea of sameness that we see in the tourism space,” says Ajay Date, Travel Portland’s Vice President of Marketing. “We didn’t just want to merchandise our skyline or tell people how we have a great food scene or craft beer scene. We wanted to show our values, our character and our sense of humor as a fun, welcoming destination where people can find a myriad of things to do and discover. It’s not for everyone, but that’s kind of the point — we wanted to really speak to the people that want that type of experience.”

To watch all of the Go Somewhere Different videos, visit Travel Portland’s YouTube channel