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Revisit food and drink videos from the #TelePortland livestream video series.

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If you missed any of the livestream videos from our #TelePortland series featuring Portland’s food and beverage community, or if you’d like to re-watch a video or two, use the links below to view them below. Find the schedule of upcoming livestreams on the main #TelePortland page.

*Archived video not available.

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🍳 Katherine Benvenuti and Shaun King – May 28

Chef Shaun King and baker Katherine Benvenuti of Southeast Portland’s former restaurant and bakery, Bar King, will present a tutorial on making a crispy chicken sandwich on naan-style flatbread. To make the naan bread, you will need all-purpose flour, buttermilk, salt, yeast and oil or clarified butter. You should have a mixer fitted with a dough hook attachment and a large skillet or griddle. Presented by ChefStable.

🥃 Cocktails with Ryan Magarian – May 21

Oven and Shaker bar manager Ryan Magarian will be demonstrating the Pearl District eatery’s popular Maplewood cocktail, which balances bourbon, freshly pressed lime juice, grade A maple syrup and Angostura Bitters. Presented by ChefStable.

🍳 Aaron Barnett – May 14

Chef Aaron Barnett at St. Jack.

Chef Aaron Barnett will talk about his restaurants (St. Jack and La Moule) and their takeout options during this crazy time. He’ll talk a little about wine and cocktail kits and show everyone how to make his signature butter lettuce salad! Presented by ChefStable. Archived video not available.

🍳 Greg & Gabi Denton – May 7

The James-Beard-Award-winning couple behind Ox Restaurant and Bistro Agnes, Greg and Gabi Denton will provide a tour of Ox and talk about what they have planned next at Ox and Bistro Agnes. Presented by ChefStable.

🍸 Cocktails With Camille Cavan – April 30

Quaintrelle bar manager Camille Cavan.

Camille Cavan, bar manager for Quaintrelle, will give viewers a look at her new cocktail kits, now available for pickup, and will also shake up a cocktail live. Camille hosts regular cocktail demos on Instagram Live on Fridays at 1 p.m.

Mississippi Avenue restaurant Quaintrelle is known for chef Ryley Eckersley’s inventive cooking, Camille Cavan’s approachable yet elevated cocktail program, and fine wines from artisan producers including sister property Abbey Road Farm. The restaurant currently offers dinners for delivery and pickup, as well as window wine pickup. Limited-edition Quaintrelle Cocktail Kits cost $20 and make four cocktails. Each kit includes syrups created by Camille Cavan, garnishes, citrus, home cocktail recipes and fancy ice cubes courtesy of PDX ICE. Order for pickup by calling Quaintrelle at 503-200-5787 or emailing info@Quaintrelle.co. Delivery via Caviar is coming soon! Archived video not available.

🥒 Pickling With Jane Hashimawari – April 23

Chef Jane Hashimawari runs a pop-up called Ippai pdx and also works as the kitchen manager at Milk Glass Mrkt. Jane focuses a lot of her cooking on education. Her pop-up is based on Japanese comfort food she grew up eating, and food that is common in Japanese households but not “mainstream” in America. In this video, Jane will teach a few different pickling ideas. All you’ll need is salt, sugar, vinegar (rice wine preferably), soy sauce and sesame seed oil — and the vegetable of your choice!

🍷 Wine Tasting With Nate Ready – April 22

A bearded man smiles as he checks on a grape vine
Nate Ready at Hiyu Wine Farm in the Columbia River Gorge.

Winemaker Nate Ready and his wife China reside at Hiyu Wine Farm, a 30-acre wine farm in Oregon’s Hood River Valley, where they tend to the vines, animals and gardens. China is an illustrator and designs all of the winery’s labels. Using 108 distinct varietals, they make beautiful wines using biodynamic and permaculture principles. Nate and China will lead a tour of the farm, showing the vines, animals and gardens, then host a tasting of new spring wines in the tasting room. Archived video not available.

🍳 Cooking With Michaela McVetty – April 16

Sisters Gourmet Deli owner Michaela McVetty

Have some fun in the kitchen with Michaela McVetty, sandwich queen and owner of now-closed Sisters Gourmet Deli. Archived video not available.

🍳 Cooking With Jordan Curtis – April 10

Jordan Curtis, an account director at Action Mary and part of Travel Portland’s social media team, has a long history of professional cooking in Portland. Once a member of the legendary line at the now-closed Bridgeport Brewpub in the Pearl, he now cooks at home for his friends and family (and on the local morning news from time to time). Jordan loves Portland restaurants and food carts, and can’t wait to visit all his favorite spots again soon.

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