Visiting Portland Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

Please click on the questions below to see the latest information about visiting Portland during the COVID-19 pandemic. This information is changing quickly, and we do our best to keep this page current.

Frequently Asked Questions About COVID-19 and Visiting Portland

When is Portland reopening?

Multnomah County, where Portland is located, entered Phase 1 reopening on June 19, 2020.

All other Oregon counties, including those near Portland, have already entered Phase 1 or Phase 2 reopening.

At this time, non-essential travel is still not allowed in Oregon and large gatherings are prohibited through the end of September (at the earliest).

Our COVID-19 resources page has the latest information and links to learn more. Travel Portland will also share major updates on our social media channels.

What is currently open in Portland?

See our list of attractions that are open now.

Multnomah County, where Portland is located, entered Phase 1 reopening on June 19. See the next answer for details on what can be open during Phase 1.

What does Phase 1 reopening mean?

Under Phase 1 reopening, the following businesses can reopen, with conditions and limits:
– dine-in restaurants;
– salons, massage parlors, non-medical spas;
– fitness centers and gyms; and
– malls and businesses within malls.

Local gatherings of up to 25 people are permitted during Phase 1.

The Oregon Health Authority has created a Reopening Guidance Tool with details about each phase.

Note: Individual businesses, restaurants, stores and attractions will determine their own reopening strategies; please check with specific businesses before visiting.

What events are happening this week/month/summer in Portland?

Oregon’s governor has prohibited large gatherings through the end of September at the earliest, so no events are being held at this time. Previously scheduled events and festivals are canceled or postponed.

Many events have converted to virtual formats; visit our events calendar for listings. We’ve also gathered other ways to experience Portland from home.

When will Portland enter Phase 2 reopening?

The soonest Multnomah County, where Portland is located, could enter Phase 2 is July 10, 2020.

When will Portland restaurants be open for sit-down dining?

Restaurants in Portland are allowed to reopen for on-site dining as of June 19. Portland restaurants can operate with the following guidelines:

– Tables must be spaced at least six (6) feet apart so that at least six (6) feet between parties is maintained, including when customers approach or leave tables.

– All employees are required to wear cloth face or disposable coverings (provided by the employer).

– All on-site consumption of food and drinks by must end by 10 p.m.

Note: Individual restaurants will determine their own reopening strategies; please check with specific businesses before visiting.

What Portland hotels are open now?

This information is changing rapidly; for the latest, we recommend using Google to search for “Portland hotels.” Also note that at some hotels which are open for lodging, facilities and services may be limited, so check with the individual location for details.

What Portland attractions are open now?

See our list of attractions that are open now.

More attractions are reopening since Multnomah County, where Portland is located, entered Phase 1 reopening on June 19, 2020.

Do I have to wear a face mask in Portland?

Yes. As of July 1, 2020, Oregon’s governor has mandated that face coverings are required for indoor public spaces in every Oregon county. This includes:
– Grocery stores
– Fitness-related organizations (including, but not limited to gyms, fitness centers, personal training, dance studios, and martial arts centers)
– Pharmacies
– Public transit agencies and providers
– Personal services providers
– Restaurants, bars, breweries, brewpubs, wineries, tasting room and distilleries (face coverings are not required when eating or drinking)
– Retail stores, shopping centers and malls
– Ride sharing services

“Indoor spaces open to the public” include indoor spaces, whether publicly owned or privately owned, where the public has access by right or invitation, express or implied, whether by payment of money or not. In addition to the public areas of the businesses defined above, such spaces may include, but are not limited to, building lobbies or common spaces, elevators, bathrooms, and buildings or meeting rooms outside of private homes where people gather for social, civic, cultural or religious purposes.

Children under 12 years of age, as well as people with a disability or a medical condition that prevent them from wearing a face covering, are not required to wear one.

Do you know when social distancing restrictions in Portland will be eased?

We don’t yet know when physical/social distancing restrictions will be lifted in Portland.

How can I support Portland without visiting?

If you have the means, you can place online orders or buy gift certificates from local businesses (see lists from PDX SOS, Float Small Business, Built Oregon and Travel Portland).

To visit Portland virtually, explore ways to experience Portland from home.

Thank you for supporting Portland. We can’t wait until it’s safe to welcome visitors again!

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COVID-19 in Portland

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