Portland’s Culinary Workshop

Portland's Culinary Workshop offers fun, dynamic cooking classes for cooks of all skill levels. The company also hosts team-building workshops, since cooking classes take people out of their normal environments.

North Portland
1.2 miles from Convention Center


807 N Russell St
Portland, OR 97227


Portland’s Culinary Workshop provides classes for the masses. No matter what skill set is, Portland’s Culinary Workshop has hands on classes for the food enthusiast in a relaxed environment with a bit of sass for good measure. For the culinary professional, advanced classes are available that provide expert materials to advance the culinary craft. Get employees out of their offices and engage in a different kind of team building exercise where the most basic human shared experience of making and eating food builds camaraderie. A constant rotating calendar of classes means there is a never ending flow of new topics to come play and learn from in this workshop.