Real Estate - The Main Tour

Southeast Portland
Friday, May 22, 2020
Cost: $25
1300 SE Stark St #203
Portland, OR 97214

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A working title for Real Estate’s fifth album was Special Album. Instead, they settled on The Main Thing. In part, it’s a reference to the Roxy Music song: “Even before we decided where to record or who to record it with, I knew it needed to sound that good,” enthuses Courtney. “Which is an impossible goalpost, and a good thing.” But the “main thing” has another meaning for the group: a declaration of music making’s centrality to their own senses of self. “We discovered through the care and attention that we brought to this record that making music to resonate with other people is our catharsis,” says Bleeker. “The ‘main thing’ is following your path of inspiration, and hoping to inspire that in people around you. Hopefully, the album itself will reaffirm peoples’ commitments to themselves and to each other, as it did for us.” Classic Real Estate reference points are still here – Yo La Tengo, Felt, Steely Dan – but they’re refined into hazier grooves, expanded into extraterrestrial sonic layers, deepened into slow-rolling phases. You can’t hit an impossible goalpost, but you can come close. Pouring all their hopes, dread, excitement, love and labor into these pristine arrangements, Real Estate made The Main Thing a special album indeed.

This Event is General Admission and All Ages: 21+ Floor, Minor Seating in Balcony Only

Doors at 8:00pm

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