A-wol Dance Collective

Location -
2303 N. Randolph Ave., Portland, OR 97227
Neighborhood - N Portland

Categories - Performing Arts

Features - Near a MAX stop

A-WOL was created in 2003 as a “Collective.”  The four co-founders’ intention was to form a group that could operate efficiently by using the different strengths and skills of all company members, both on and off stage.

Avoiding the cookie cutter feel, A-WOL consists of strong dancers each with a unique style or specialty, which gives the company’s repertory an ever-evolving texture.  Off stage, each member has a specific responsibility, from costuming to rigging equipment to being an educator in the community.

Mingling the worlds of dance and aerial, A-WOL dancers ignite a wonder and curiosity for what can happen when a human body takes flight. A-WOL dancers have been seen hanging from the trees in the middle of the forest to dangling from the ceilings of Portland’s trendiest night clubs. Hip yet sophisticated, A-WOL has a versatile style.