Stumptown Coffee Roasters [Ace Hotel]

Location -
1026 S.W. Stark St., Portland, OR 97205
Neighborhood - Downtown

Categories - Coffee/Tea, Portland Essentials

Features - Portland Essentials, Near a MAX stop, Near Portland Streetcar

In 1999, Stumptown Coffee took Portland caffeine lovers by the storm. What started as a single roastery on Southeast Division Street quickly expanded to the rest of Portland and, more recently, New York City and Seattle. The Ace opened in 2007, in the lobby of Portland’s Ace Hotel. Stumptown emphasizes direct trade and highlights the different flavor profiles of coffee varietals. While grabbing a latte from Stumptown may take longer than going to Starbucks, the gorgeous latte art, not to mention the singularly Portland vibe, will more than make up for it.