Sidewalk Ambassadors

Location -
, Portland, OR
Neighborhood - Downtown

Categories - Visitor Information

Features - Near a MAX stop, Near Portland Streetcar

Since 2002, the green-clad Sidewalk Ambassadors, also known as Portland’s street-level concierges, have maintained a visible and hospitable presence in the downtown area. The Ambassadors are easy to recognize in their green jackets adorned with an “i”. The Ambassadors stroll the streets of the Downtown Clean & Safe District Tuesday through Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. ready to be of assistance. They have been trained in the history of Portland, its retail establishments and attractions, city transportation and more. The Ambassadors also make an effort to keep the downtown area safe and are prepared to be of assistance in the case of an emergency. Some have received training in basic first-aid and food, shelter and crisis intervention services. They report any illegal activity or mischievous behavior they witness.

The next time you are lost or in need of information, look for a friendly face in green. The Sidewalk Ambassadors will help make your downtown Portland experience a fun and memorable one.