SeaPort Airlines

Location -
, Portland, OR
Neighborhood - Airport

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SeaPort Airlines, Inc. is  a scheduled commuter airline headquartered in Portland, Oregon.

Founded in Juneau, Alaska in 1982 as Wings of Alaska, for over two decades flights were operated entirely within the Southeast Alaska region. In 2008, Wings of Alaska was purchased by SeaPort Air Group, LLC and the headquarters moved to Portland, Oregon. Shortly after, flight operations were launched in the Pacific Northwest with a business strategy of operating a shuttle service between Seattle and Portland (hence the name “SeaPort”) that offered private terminals and the avoidance of TSA screening lines; it offered business travelers a strong contrast to crowded, large airport terminals. The hallmark of SeaPort’s service was the personalized customer service that quickly became known as “The SeaPort Experience.”

At the same time, however, the first generation of regional airlines began to mature. Rising cost structures and aircraft seating greater numbers of passengers, such as regional jets, meant that service to many small communities became uneconomical.

This challenge became SeaPort’s opportunity, and the company refocused on a strategy of building a “next generation” regional airline, connecting small and rural communities with national air transportation via large hub airports. To offer connections that are as convenient as possible, the company operates a fleet of smaller capacity aircraft that enable us to offer a much higher level of service that other airlines did in the past; has begun transitioning to main airport terminals; is now displaying all flights for sale on Internet travel sites (i.e. Travelocity, Expedia, Hotwire, Orbitz, etc.); and recently began to establish interline agreements that allow a customer to purchase a single ticket and check baggage all the way through to their final destination.

SeaPort Airlines, Inc. currently has an interline ticketing agreement with Alaska Airlines. Connections with Alaska Airlines can be booked via the SeaPort Airlines booking engine on our website.