Rose Quarter

Location -
One Center Court, Portland, OR 97227
Neighborhood - Lloyd District, NE Portland

Categories - Events Services

Features - Bus Parking, High-Speed Internet, Near a MAX stop, Near Portland Streetcar

The Rose Quarter, owned by the Portland Trail Blazers and managed by Rip City Management, includes the 20,000-seat Moda Center, 12,000-seat Veterans Memorial Coliseum, 6,500-seat Theater of the Clouds, an exhibit hall and the Rose Quarter Commons. Veterans Memorial Coliseum is attached to the 40,000-square-foot (3,716 sq m) exhibit hall and seven meeting rooms. The Commons, Portland’s largest outdoor public plaza, connects the Moda Center and the Veterans Memorial Coliseum venues and can accommodate up to 5,000 people for outdoor events. Levy Restaurants is the official food and beverage concessionaire for the Rose Quarter.