Public Domain

Location -
603 S.W. Broadway, Portland, OR 97205
Neighborhood - Downtown

Categories - Coffee/Tea

Features - Near a MAX stop

For something that a whole lot of people drink a whole lot of, coffee should be an experience, not just a routine. An opportunity to discover and to be surprised. An open exchange of insights. A shift in your perspective. This is Public Domain. Exceptional coffees. Expertly grown. Carefully harvested. Seasonal and fresh. Skillfully roasted. Cupped and scrutinized. Artfully prepared. For you to savor, experiment with, explore and enjoy. We believe that truly great coffee shouldn’t just be for the chosen, but should be a choice for all. Great coffee is Public Domain.  Serving hand crafted, specialty coffees prepared by passionate baristas, right off of Pioneer Square, Public Domain offers an opportunity to share and enjoy, and possibly change your perspective.  Please check our website for a schedule of upcoming tastings and events.