Portland Gear

Location -
627 S.W. 19th Ave., Portland, OR 97205
Neighborhood - NW Portland / Nob Hill

Categories - Children's Apparel, Gifts/Souvenirs, Men's Apparel, Women's Apparel

Features - Locally Owned, Near a MAX stop

Portland Gear proudly represents this amazing city that accepts and celebrates all.  It’s the product line the city deserves – utilitarian, classic and clean. It is versatile, appealing to the eclectic nature visitors find so fascinating yet understated enough that natives won’t search for the irony upon sight. It is about telling the tale of this amazing city through tasteful design while supporting the local economy by printing and designing products here in town. Mainly, it is about pride of place. Whether that is honoring your hometown wherever you go or as an inspirational statement towards the city, Portland gear is designed for you.