Peter Corvallis Productions Audio Visual

Location -
2204 N. Clark Ave., Portland, OR 97227
Neighborhood - N Portland

Categories - Events Services

Create the right atmosphere with professional grade sound coverage. We provide affordable audio solutions tailored specifically to your event. From a simple bullhorn to sound systems built to reach thousands, Peter Corvallis Productions has what it takes to make your message heard loud and clear.

We rent everything. Tents, tables, chairs, carpeting, specialty linens, LCD projectors, pipe & drape, chandeliers, camcorders, dance floors, canopies, chair covers, screens, catering equipment, PA systems, candelabras, skirting, china, flatware, microphones, street lamps, Buddha statues, umbrellas, bar stools, lounge furniture, streets, bleachers, centerpieces, circus animal and more!