Nossa Familia Coffee Pearl District Espresso Bar

Location -
1350 N.W. Lovejoy St., Portland, OR 97209
Neighborhood - Pearl District

Categories - Coffee/Tea, Gifts/Souvenirs

Features - Certified Sustainable, Locally Owned, Near Portland Streetcar

Before moving to Portland for college, the owner and founder of Nossa Familia Coffee, Augusto Carneiro, grew up visiting his family’s coffee farms in Brazil. Filled with a deep sense of pride for the work his family had been doing growing coffee in Brazil for over a century, he started bringing that coffee to share with the community in Portland. Nossa Familia uses a Loring roaster, the most environmentally-friendly roaster available, and is proud to offer a wide variety of roasts – light to dark -with beans not only from the family farms in Brazil but also from family farmers and cooperatives around the world.

  • Whipped mocha
  • Interior of Nossa Familia's Pearl District Cafe