Northwest Dance Project

Location -
833 N. Shaver St., Portland, OR 97227
Neighborhood - Mississippi / Williams

Categories - Performing Arts

Founded in 2004 by acclaimed dancer, mentor and choreographer Sarah Slipper, Northwest Dance Project is dedicated to the creation and performance of innovative, contemporary new dance works from established and emerging dance makers created in an open and artistically stimulating environment.

Northwest Dance Project has fostered the creation and premiere of over 150 original contemporary dance works to date. Because dance cannot survive without new audiences and a deepened appreciation of the art form, NWDP engages individuals and communities with dance through accessible performances, studio sessions, dance samplers, outdoor performances, special events, master classes, collaborations with artists of other performing arts and visual genres and conversation with artists. They also offer the experience of dance to all youth (of all ages from 5 to 80!) through the interactive Dance Moves community outreach program.